In today’s web, people know what they are looking for. The term “browse” isn’t quite accurate as much as it could be; People want the information they are looking for, and they want it fast. Even if you are considering SEO (or our services), bounce rate is something you need to know before you can dial in a campaign properly.

One could even say, when you search for a particular topic or product, if you don’t find it on your first try, you will “bounce” from that site to another, in search of a relevant answer.

This is exactly what bounce rate is referring to. More specifically, Bounce Rate is the percentage of people who leave your website without visiting a 2nd page. And it’s extremely important to Google when it comes to positioning your website in the results.

Broken Down: Google Analytics Snapshot (photo above)

So, what is bounce rate? In the photo above, we show one of our client’s Google Analytics snapshots.  You can see that the bounce rate is 2.70%. This means that out of all of the visitors to their website, only 2% decide to leave after visiting the page they landed on.  This is GREAT – 97% of your visitors staying on their website and browsing through what they have to offer. This is exactly what you would want out of your website – an engaging experience that leads them to the next page. The more interaction, the more chance they will purchase, share, or fill out one of your lead generating forms.

This is closely related to other metrics such as time on site, page views, etc – but at the root of all of it is bounce rate. If they are staying beyond the first page, all previous factors mentioned naturally increase.

The Lesson Here: Google pays close attention to this! Create engaging, easy to navigate websites that keep your users informed with valuable content.  It’s good for your business, and it’s good for search optimization 🙂

See you next time folks, until then, happy ranking!

Cliff Sarcona / Founder

Lead Strategist, Search Marketing

Zero Limit Web