If you went to school in the United States, chances are you remember walking into your science or chemistry class and seeing the Periodic Table of the Elements posted on the wall. While the chart continues to be updated with new elemental discoveries, the core of the concept remains the same: there are many components necessary to make things properly function. As you may recall, that table also displayed how the elements were connected to the larger scientific world.

So…how does this relate to SEO?

Well, there’s a new Periodic Table of the Elements for SEO Success. This color table displays all the critical components for successful SEO campaigns. This list is not complete and will change over time. However, it provides a detailed list—complete with abbreviations, colors, weights and networks.

For example, one element,  Lq+3 = Link Quality with a rank of +3 suggesting that it carries some serious weight. Another example is element Vl-2, or “Violation Links” with a -2 score for spammy links that hinder your SEO success.

Overall, the chart displays all of the essential elements that contribute to solid SEO work, and how they are all connected to the larger picture.  Additionally, the table includes the necessary “on page” and “off page” strategies that help to ensure the health of your optimization efforts.

We are grateful to Search Engine Land for creating this helpful and clever diagram that hones in on the major elements needed for SEO success, and wanted to share it with all of you.

View the image above and enjoy learning a thing or two about some of the steps Zero Limit Web takes to ensure a successful and lucrative SEO life/campaign!


Founder and Lead Stratigist, zerolimitweb.com

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