On our last post we discussed the necessity of time and investment needed when engaging in an SEO campaign.
We also provided you with the ultimate SEO checklist—detailing the extensive tasks required to do SEO correctly and effectively.
In this post, we’d like to continue with helpful charts and lists for helping you stay informed and engaged in the SEO process.
Within the past couple weeks there have been a series of surveys and reports demonstrating the importance and relevance of local.
BrightLocal released the survey results for both SEOs AND Business Owners identifying what brings the most customers and clients and Local reigns supreme. Ranging from lead generation to site traffic, local does it best. So for those of you who want to compete with ranking for national keywords and national brands, obviously that can be done and being on top is a great goal to have. However, don’t forget where you came from! Your local environment, local customers, local keywords, and local traffic can have a HUGE impact on your business.
Embrace all that local love.

So, how exactly how does local impact your business?

According to BrightLocal’s report, you can reap the most local benefits via site traffic (see image below). Organic search comes in a very close second.
For those of you who are trying to distinguish between “local” and “organic”: “local” means traffic or results that come from a real location/s and/or business/es and “organic” isn’t a result for a local physical location or specific business, rather, the results are location specific. (Example: Bob’s Auto Repair on 123 Lane Anytown, USA= local and Auto Repair locations in Anytown, USA= organic). One additional key that distinguishes “organic” traffic is that it is not paid for; it comes up “organically”, or “naturally” in a search result)
Another example of the power of local comes from Moz. They also conducted a four-part survey asking an SEO expert to delve into all the various ranking factors. Two of their top results for “localized organic factors” is “DA” or, “Domain Authority” and the physical (accurate) address displayed in the search results (see below). You can also see that local is a critical factor throughout the results for both of these lists. Read more of the results here.
top 50 local organic seo factors
Domain Authority measures the likelihood of your site ranking in search results (out of 100). This is where things start to get really technical with algorithms and such. But if you want to learn more from Moz here: “What is Domain Authority?”
 There are lots of things you can do as a business owner to help ensure that your business is ranking locally. It is A LOT of work. We are here to do this for you, and make sure YOU have the time to work what’s important: Running your business. Start here and lets talk.
Cliff Sarcona // Founder
Zero Limit Web