Google has always been at the cutting-edge of technology, and is a major supporter of developing artificial intelligence. Earlier this week, they announced the a new addition to their tech family named RankBrain: an A.I. that learns and knows what you’re searching for. You see, RankBrain is Google’s new artificially intelligent update capable of translating your searches, inquiries and keywords.

In an interview with Bloomberg Greg Corrado, senior Research Scientist at Google had the following to say about RankBrain:

“RankBrain is a learning system, it really is an artificial intelligence that interprets language, interprets your queries, in a way that has some of a gut-feeling” and ‘guess-ability of people’.”

Google is taking human-cyborg relations to the next level by improving and enhancing our ability as humans to effectively communicate with a computer and vice versa. Corrado goes on,

“This thing can kind of generalize and say, ‘Oh, well, that phrase seems sort of like something I’ve seen in the past, so I’m going to assume that you meant this. Much like a person you know hearing you talk to them in sort of a crowded bar, I can’t hear everything that you’re saying but I can guess at your meaning and have a conversation with you.”


To be clear, RankBrain is not Google’s new be-all, end-all for the search engine. Rather, it is part of a larger algorithmic whole employed by Google helping the powerful and notorious search engine evolve and provide more accurate, finely-tuned, relevant results. RankBrain is ranked third in “most important signals” for effective ranking, with the first two signals currently undisclosed by Google (SEL).

While we are still unpacking the many ways that RankBrain will be beneficial to businesses and their potential and prospective clients, we are confident that content and keywords (including long-tail) will continue to play an critical role in SEO, and in refining search conversations with Google via RankBrain.

Searching for something but don’t exactly know what to call it or where it might be? RankBrains got you covered: relying on context and intuition, turing your fat-finger fumbling into an elegant force wave, Google’s RankBrain will totally help you find those droids you’re looking for.


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