It is not enough to simply provide readers with informative online content.  Even the most captivating web content won’t make the intended impact if few people read it.  Nowadays, on-page SEO is just as important as the quality of online content.  The question begs: which on-page SEO tactics are essential to website success?  Below, our SEO company from downtown Los Angeles identifies the most important on-page SEO strategies that will maximize your page views and ramp up business.

Recognize the Importance of Content SEO

On-page SEO is just as much about title tags and other subtleties as it is about the SEO of the actual content.  Content SEO is centered on the strategic use of keywords and key phrases at specific frequencies.  Your online content should be built around the use of specific words and phrases your customers are most likely to search for.  Perform keyword research, determine what your target audience is most likely to search for and use those words at a keyword frequency between 0.5% and 3.5% for maximum impact.  Once your content is optimized for search engines, it will prove that much easier for people in need of your products and/or services to find your website.

Use Heading Tags

Heading tags should be wrapped around your online content’s heading as well as its subheadings.  The title should be wrapped in H1 title tags.  H2 and H3 title tags should be used to wrap section breaks.  However, if you use an excess of H2/H3 title tags, it will conflict with Google’s algorithms so go easy.

Use Images and Embedded Video to Boost Reader Engagement

The strategic use of the proper images and video on your website will keep readers that much more engaged.  Engaged readers are likely to read the entirety of the page, spend more time perusing your website and check out the rest of your online footprint including your social media.  This extended reading time ultimately boosts your website’s overall rank.  However, images also have the potential to be pitfalls in that especially large images might slow down the website.  If your website is slow to load, your Google search engine rank will suffer.  If you decide to use images, be sure to compress them and implement a caching plugin so they prove beneficial rather than detrimental.

Implement Internal Links

Do not pass up the opportunity to link to your other blog posts, social media posts, contact form and other parts of your website.  As long as you do not flood your content with internal links, visitors will be inclined to click the links and spend that much more time on your website/blog.  Furthermore, the strategic use of internal links will assist in your quest to pass page rank to additional sections of your website.  Ideally, you will rely on a keyword for anchor text when interlinking for maximum impact.  This way, your internal link will appear that much more relevant from the search engine’s perspective.

The Content Must be Formatted Properly

Though it is tempting to put text on a web page in a somewhat haphazard manner as you are likely pressed for time, there is the potential for such text to prove difficult to read.  Even forgetting paragraph breaks and ending up with a wall of text will make it difficult for visitors to comprehend your message.  Use paragraph breaks, bold text, italics and underlining to make certain parts of the text stand out.  The right size font is also important as older online visitors will struggle to read text that is on the smaller side.

Mind the Word Count

Those who have been alive for more than 20 years will testify attention spans are rapidly shrinking.  There is no reason to inundate your audience with web pages and blog posts that have thousands of words.  However, especially short content performs poorly on search engines as it is considered uninformative.  When in doubt, do not put more than 1,500 words on a single page.  Even if the search engines do not penalize your web page for a word count in this range, there is a good chance your audience will lose interest when the word count nears the 2,000 mark.

A Focus on On-page SEO Will pay Big Dividends

Though it takes some time and effort to optimize your online content for search engines, doing so will pay off quite handsomely down the line.  Implement the on-page SEO tactics detailed above and your website will rank that much higher on Google and other search engine results.  This higher ranking will result in an increase in online visitors, increased brand awareness and that much more money spent on your products and services.

Andrea Erickson is an accomplished business consultant and business writer She specializes in writing content that help business owners learn how to sell a business, how to value a business and creation of exit planning strategies so they can get paid the maximum value for their company.